Recognisable, 10 backpacker habits.

One backpacker sees himself as a world traveler, while someone else sees backpackers as benefiters. If you’ve discovered the world as a backpacker, or you have travelled with backpackers, you will have a strong opinion about this strange species. Have you ever traveled the world as a backpacker? Then you may recognise these 10 things backpackers do. And yes, … you are guilty too !

1. Flush toiletpaper

You will see the signs everywhere: do not throw toilet paper in the toilet bowl, but use the bin. And automatically you throw it in there anyway. What do you do? Grab it? Or you will flush and keep your fingers crossed it will not get stuck?

2. Food in a hostel

You’re good at cooking in the shared hostel kitchen and then it happens. You forgot the pasta of your delicious spaghetti bolognese you would love to cook. Now what? supermarkets are closed. You are looking into the boxes and cans and you find a good portion that fits in your stomach. Bon appetite!

3. No time for laundry

Because of the many wandering you do not always have time to do laundry. At one point you suddenly have worn all items a few times and after digging deep in your backpack you will find some underwear that will do. You do your underwear inside out one more time.

4. Drink at weird times

Every backpacker will recognise it: just starting a little early with your bucket or a beer (or 10) during your backpacking trip. And that leads to crazy priorities: beers are a type of liquid dinner anyway ?

5. Sex in a dorm

One of the biggest irritations of backpackers is hearing sounds in a dorm room. Anyway, you are traveling, have to sleep cheap, met a nice backpacker and wants him or her to know better anyway. With a beach towel as a curtain nobody will notice … Really?   

6. The sea as a toilet

During the dive you hear it often: the toilet is in the back of the boat. But serious…you know it yourself, no need to go anymore. It was in a lake, in the ocean or in the pool?

7. Outfits for backpackers

The standard baggy pants, known as fisherman’s pants, are is in EVERY backpack. In Thailand, most backpackers are in possession of this chill pants, together with a Chang or Leo beer shirt. At home you like to continue wearing it for a while, cause it’s so comfortable.

8. Yes I ‘m a student!

Often student will receive discount on a lot of things and having a student card can be very beneficial. You just briefly stopped studying, you have to begin your studies or are you already graduated. You want that discount anyway… and you also look like a student. It ‘s worth a try right?

9. Toilet snitch

What can I say? The bus trip is quite long and the chances are that somewhere you have to pee on the roadside. That toilet roll you dropped in your bag from the hostel you’ve stayed or the restaurant you had your dinner, become very handy now.

10. Done with local food

Just admit it. Sometimes it is quite nice to eat some western food at a fast food chain. Or every other day …