These 10 travel apps are very helpful while traveling and a musthave on your phone or tablet.

We all use our phone nowadays to plan our trips or to navigate to where we want to go. As there is a lot available and all have specific features, here is the selection I use a lot.

1. Booking Now

The app Booking Now is very useful if you’re not sure about a place to stay. It is the new last minute app from Spontaneous trips with your friend? Your place to stay is just two taps away.

2. Tripadvisor

Wherever you are, it’s always worth using Tripadvisor to find out what restaurants are recommended and where you can find the local, hidden places.

3. Airbnb

Is there a world before Airbnb ? What a godsend this website is. Ideal for city trips. There are also many beautiful larger houses, perfect when you’re with a group of friends and looking for accommodation. There are many recommended places.

4. Yelp

Looking for a specific restaurant at your destination? For example, a gluten-free restaurant, a Thai restaurant or do you feel like eating a good burger? You will find that effortlessly with Yelp. In addition there is a score based on reviews.

5. Skyscanner

Looking for a cheap flights and good deals? Skyscanner compares a lot of different airlines. With changing the arrival and departure date, you can easily search, compare and find a cheap flight.

6. Trivago

To compare prices for a hotel, Trivago is the app! It quickly compares all providers for you. It’s also smart to have a look at the website of your hotel or apartment if there is any discount.

7. Triposo

Discover highlights and hidden gems. Troposo’s smart algorithms crunch through millions of websites and reviews to deliver unique recommendations. It is the best guidebook app!! I love it and the guidebooks are available offline.

8. Google Translate

You can try to learn some other languages before you go, but it is much more safe to use Goole Translate if you want to make yourself clear. You can easily download some languages, so they will be available offline. That can be very helpful if your in the middle of know where and you want to aks for the right direction.

9. XE Currency

If you’re not really a miracle arithmetic, XE Currency is indispensable. It quickly calculates the local currency into yours. It stores the last updated rates so it even works when the Internet doesn’t.

10. Instagram

If you make a lot of photos of your travel and you like to share it with the rest of the world, post it on Instagram. The best social media app to keep a visual diary. Be aware… it is addictive and you will seen a lot of beautiful pics from other travellers. It will inspire you for your next trip.