These 10 types of backpackers you will definitely meet.

We’ve met them all…whether it was in the hostel, while traveling in a bus, plane, on the beach or in the jungle. They are everywhere: backpackers! There are some stereotypes that you really see and meet everywhere. Do you recognise them?

1. Pendants

The wiseacres have been everywhere and unsolicited advise you that you should go there as well, or not at all. All they have been through. Not that their suggestions are no good, but the negative tone with which it is placed can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

2. Grubs

These backpackers seem to travel with their entire possession in their backpack. They install them in the dorm and their belongings are everywhere, with high probability that it lands on your bed. They haven’t seen the shower for a while.

3. The guitar dudes

The guitar itself is not the problem for the fellow backpacker. It’s the annoying guitar that they carry it with them, they play the only song they know over and over again. Often they do not even know the correct lyrics, but only the the refrain. Exhausting?

4. Parasites

They first look like nice company, but soon you will discover that this kind of backpackers will stick to you as parasites. Questions such as “What do we do?” and “When do we leave?” you will hear all the time. If you change your route, those parasites backpackers do too. Ask them to find out something for someone else…

5. Asians

We see them more and more: Asian backpackers. They are quietly and very polite. They are recognisable by the many hightech innovations, such as all kinds of cameras and accessories. Really easy if you ever need a charger that you’ve forgotten.

6. Booze bags

Those backpackers get alive at night and sleep during the day, complete numb. They snore like hell and when they are awake, there is not much difference. They have lost their passport several times. Tell them, there is a chance they will find their passport in the bed, just to try them to get up …

7. Turtles

This backpackers have a lot of stuff with them! A large backpack on the back and in front of a smaller daypack, they carry all kinds of gadgets with him. Like of a tent, sleeping bag, pots, pans, a stove, a camel bag, good running shoes and so on. These things are of course the needs for the serious hiker, but if you’re not going to walk for several weeks is really not necessary.

8. Flash-packers

The first question the flash-packers have in a hostel, even before checking in: “What is the Wi-Fi password?”. They are continuous online updating on social media, making selfies and capture every detail on their iPad. Purpose of the trip?

9. The backpacker with dreads

You will always find one… the backpacker with dreadlocks. These backpackers arrange everything themselves, they travel by public transport or hitchhike, they walk barefoot and have local clothes. They are happy because they meditate and do yoga.

10. Americans

You know when there is an American backpacker in your guesthouse. They are loud, enthusiastic and friendly. If you tell them you are from the Netherlands, the conversation immediately is about our drug policy and they think that the Netherlands is the capital of Germany. They are surprised that we speak Dutch and  a couple of other languages.