When you think of Argentina, you immediately think of a passionate tango.

But there is more. The impressive Iguazu waterfalls and not to mention the city Buenos Aires. A visit to this lovely city shouldn’t be missed. Despite its size, Buenos Aires still exudes a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. The many different “barrios” (neighbourhoods) have their own character. This gives you the feeling being in a village.

Buenos Aires is founded twice. First by Don Pedro de Mendoza in 1536 and then Juan de Garay did it over again. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many people found a new home in Argentina. This created a hodgepodge of cultures that has given the city its character. The inhabitants of Buenos Aires, known as “Porteños”, welcome therefor happily new people. Chances are that they invite you to their home for dinner.

Buenos Aires - La Boca

A true colourful spectacle…

One of the most famous neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires is La Boca. With its brightly coloured houses, this hotspot attracts many tourists every year. So don’t be surprised if there are busloads of Japanese dropped next to your terrace. Since La Boca a rather poor neighbourhood, it is advisable for your own safety not to wander too far off the beaten tourist path.

Are you a real football fan? Then you should definitely go to see a football match of Boca Juniors. During a game of the club of football legend Maradona, the stadium literally shaking on its foundations when thousands of fans screaming “Bocaaaaaa, Bocaaaaa”. A true spectacle!

Another must see is this cozy neighbourhood Camonito. This colourful street is the work of Benito Quinquela Martín. In 1960 he painted the walls of what was then an abandoned street .

Sensual dancing…give it a try.

One of the things Buenos Aires is known for is the tango. A very passionate, sensual dance.


This dance with it’s sensual atmosphere can fully be found in San Telmo. A stroll through this neighbourhood along the beautifully restored old buildings, on cobbled streets, is not complete without tasting the atmosphere of tango. The best part is you can easily take a dance class. Ask the locals for the best “milongas” and you are welcome to give it a try.

Buenos Aires - Avenue

Don’t cry for me, Argentina!

There is so much to see in Buenos Aires, but there are a few things you really shouldn’t miss. Visit  the Recoleta Cemetery where the tomb is of Eva Peron, walk on the widest street in the world Avenue de 9 Julio and walk along the harbour Puerto Madero .

After a long walk you definitely need a cup of fresh grounded coffee with a “cañoncito”. A long, hollow dough cylinder, filled with the typical Argentinian “dulce de leche”. It’s delicious!!

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