In this time photography is more important than ever, people communicate through images. Through social networks and social media are words, but mostly images and sounds, spread rapidly across the world. Images are not longer solely used to support a story, but tell more the story itself.

I’ve always been fascinated by film and photography. It is a wonderful medium to “catch” a feeling and to show an emotion. People are all unique, each with it’s own character. And each person reacts differently to the camera and me. That makes the photography of people into a small adventure and so interesting. Responding to a situation and the social contacts makes it a personal discovery.

I’m not only fascinated by making photographs, but also the editing and post-production. As a photo/ video editor and visual effects artist, it is a challenge to create a totally new image or to change the viewers focus.

Don’t compartmentalise!

Portrait photography can also be a good corporate photography and vice versa. It is an art weather it is a portrait, an advertisement photo or a wedding reportage or a complete corporate identity. The aim is to set the right tone with dedication and professionalism. Casual, innovative, progressive, creative, full of emotion…

Travel photography involves the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. While continent hopping I’ve visited many beautiful places, met interesting people and have documented my travels below. These are some of my photographs taken all over the globe. Take a moment or two to browse through them and be sure to also check out my other portfolio as well.

Work with Frog

If you’re interested in photographs, corporate identity and branding your company, or would you like me to edit some videos for web projects, please feel free to contact me so we can work something out. Let’s work together!