Once you’ve been in Stockholm you will definitely fall in love with this city.

Well…I did! Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has such a relaxed atmosphere, the people are super friendly and the food is great! It’s a unique city.

Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by bridges. It also is located in an archipelago, with more than 24,000 large and small islands, one of the largest in the Baltic Sea. The city center of Stockholm has numerous waterways and is therefore called the “Venice of the North”. Very popular places to stay in Stockholm are the “botels” – refurbished remnants of the continent’s nautical past now used as modern-day lodgings.

Walk and chill along the waterfronts

The first thing you should do when you arrive, is put on a pair of comfortable shoes and just walk, walk, walk …. It’s simply the best way to get to know the city. The old town, Gamla Stan, with its narrow streets and alleys and ochre-colored buildings, should be on top of the list of places you must see. You can walk along the small canal that separates the Djurgården island from Östermalm / Gärdet.

Sweden Stockholm city

Another fun way to see Stockholm

There are dozens of possibilities to explore Stockholm from the water.. The waterways of Stockholm are not navigable only by traditional tour boats, but also by large and small ferries, some steamships and even cruise ships. Ferries and sightseeing boats shuttle passengers between islands, beneath more than 50 bridges.

If you really want to have information about the city than a traditional boat trip is a good choice. There are several boat trips possible, such as “Under Stockholms Broar”, “Djurgården runt”, “Kungsholmen runt” and the early “Good Morning Stockholm” cruise. Most trips leave from Strömkajen and are focused on the center of the city, sailing along the highlights.

The ferry is an important part of the life in Stockholm and is a very easy way to get around. White Djurgårds ferries are part of the public transport system.

Sweden Stockholm ferry

Become an island-hopper

When you are in Stockholm a little longer, a boat trip among the thousands of islands of the Stockholm archipelago is highly recommended. Several companies offer tours through the archipelago, but the best way to discover this is probably by island-hopping. Travel from island to island, with the boats and ferries, that are part of public transport. Of course you can spend the night on the islands, there are numerous youth hostels and hotels, but if you have a tent, camping is also possible.

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